Camp Bestival – Our Packing List

The countdown has finally ended, tomorrow we are off to our first ever Camp Bestival… wooooo. Can’t wait to enjoy a lovely break away listening to some great artists, eating some delicious food and most of all spending some time together as a family.

Being a camping newbie I’ve been making lists and crossing things off in hope of being a bit more organised and praying that i don’t forget anything. Leaving the house with 2 toddlers in tow can be pretty daunting. I though it would be a great idea to share our camping list in hope of maybe helping others out in the future.

– Tent
– Pegs
– Peg Extractor
– Mallet
– Airbeds
– Foot Pump
– Sleeping bags or Thick Duvets
– Torches/ Lantern
– Folding Chairs
– Picnic Rug ( with waterproof back)
– Hot Water Bottle (Great for extra warmth at night)


– Wash Bag
– Hand Sanitizer Gel or Wipes
– Baby Wipes/ Nappies if needed
– Towels/ Flannels
– Dry Shampoo
– Toilet Roll
– First Aid Kit
– Hay fever Tablets/ Prescription Medication
– Mirror
– Deodorant
– Travel Potty


– Camping Stove
– Gas
– Cooking set
– Cutlery, Plates, Cups etc
– Tin Opener
– A Bowl or Bucket (for washing up)
– Cool Bag or Cool Box
– Ice Packs
– Bin Bags
– Tea Bags / Coffee
– Refillable Water Bottles
– Robinisons Squash’d (small, easy to carry. Does 20 drinks)
– UHT Milk
– Snacks (Crisps, Crackers, Biscuits)
– Breakfast Bars
–  Bacon (freeze prior to keep longer)
– Beans
– Bagels or Wraps
– Alcohol (No Glass Allowed on Site)


– Raincoats (Macs)/ Ponchos
– Wellies
– Woolly Hats/ Gloves
– Thick Socks
– Jumpers/Fleeces/Cardigans
– PJ’s (Preferrably long sleeve)
– Onesie
– Underwear
– Flip Flops
– Shorts
– Tshirts
– Dresses
– Leggings
– Jeans
– Sun Hat


– Camera + Spare Batteries
– SD Card
– Camera Bag (Preferably Waterproof)
– Iphone / Iphone Charger
– Waterproof Iphone Case
– Charging Packs


– Ear Defenders for the kids (We have the 3M Peltor ones.)
– Fairy lights etc to decorate the tent
– Glitter Tattoos and Glowsticks
– Bubbles

Last but certainly not least DON’T forget your CASH and TICKETS 


Cuddle Fairy

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  1. July 27, 2016 / 2:01 pm

    What a cool post. I hope that we can make it to Camp Bestival one year with the girls! Mu cousins go with all of their 6 kids most years! Your packing list is really handy, I might just borrow it for normal camping trips. Nice linking up at #BloggerClubUK Keep in touch! xSunita

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