Blaze Light & Launch Hyper Loop – Review

Little E has been a been a huge fan of Blaze and The Monster Machines, its one of his favourite shows on TV. Having been previously sent The Blaze Monster Dome Play set which Little E loved, he was over the moon when I told him we were being sent the new Blaze Light & Launch Hyper loop set  to review.

Assembling the Light & Launch Hyper Loop set, was surprisingly easy. It came with easy to read instructions, which were well written and accompanied by pictures. The track mostly just clicks together. However there are a few parts for us grown ups to do, attaching and screwing in 3 screws to help secure the hyper loop in place. This only took a few mins to do and then we were good to go.

Once set up, using it is really simple.  Your little ones just places Blaze in the launcher, he slots in to place securely. You then turn the yellow leaver, which makes the lights start flashing and push the yellow release button. Blaze will then do a 360 spin in the Hyper Loop before shooting off down the track.

Overall, we were really impressed with The Blaze Light and Launch Hypeloop toy. It took Little E a few times of me showing him how to use it, for him to be able to do it without me. But once he figured it out he loved experimenting with it, changing the ramp to different levels, new positions and even setting up different animals/toys to be knocked down at the end of the track.

The Blaze and the Monster Machines Light & Launch Hyper Loop playset can be purchased from Argos for £24.99.

Disclosure: We were kindly sent a Blaze Light and Launch Hyperloop for the purpose of this review. However as always all opinions are honest and that of my own.


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  1. September 19, 2017 / 7:55 pm

    My daughter would do anything for this Blaze toy right now! She is so obsessed with that show! The theme tune is constantly stuck in my head because she sings it so much. This is going to the top of her Christmas wish list. I love how it launches him and gives him ‘Blazing Speed’ :’D x

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