18 Goals For 2018

I’m never normally one for setting goals, although I’ve always liked the idea of setting them its just something I’ve haven’t done before. I think mostly out of worry that I might feel too much pressure to try and do them. However in the past year a lot has changed and I have my ‘I can do this’ head on going into 2018. So when the lovely Hannah from Hi Baby Blog tagged me to write my own 18 Goals For 2018 post, I finally felt I was in the position to do it and hopefully succeed in completing them.

18 Goals For 2018So here are my 18 Goals For 2018:

1. To be more organisedBetween the kids now being at school, trips away, blogging and just day to day life, it can be hard to keep track of everything. This year I am going to invest in some decent stationary and a planner to help me stay up to date with where I need to be and what I need to do and when.

2. Use my free time more wisely. Now the kids are both at school as mentioned above, although its been a few months now I’m still finding myself at a loss on how to use my child free time. I try to use it to catch up on blogging work and schedule new posts but most the time find myself distracted by other things.

3. Spend more time with my Partner. At the minute it kind of feels like we’re passing ships. Were always both so busy and when one of us is usually free the other one isn’t. I would love for us to be able to just set even one day or even evening aside a month to just do something fun together as a couple to just be us.

4. To take my camera out more. I’ve always loved taking photos of our day to day lives, its the perfect way to capture those memories. The last year or so though I haven’t been taking it out as often as I’d like with us. This year I’d love to change that and take more photos of our days out and happy moments in our family life.

5. Be in photos more. I have to admit pretty much 95% of the photos we do have are of my partner and the kids. I think there’s only a handful with me in them due to 1. me being the one taking the photos and 2. not having the confidence to be in them. I’m going to try and make more of an effort this year to change that.

6. Make more use of my gym membership. I suppose you could kind of say this reverts back to the confidence thing and why I tend to not be in photos. It’s not about being big or about how I look its more about how I feel. Going to the gym before when I first signed up, I was just so much happier in myself. Being able to put my headphones in for a hour or so and focus on working out, there was just something out it that made me feel more positive and refreshed. I really hope in 2018 to find my love for it again.

7. Go to University. In July 2017 I completed my course at college and was in a position when I was able to apply to go to Uni. However my son was just starting school that September and with his additional needs I was worried about how he would settle. What if I started Uni and then got called away to go to the school and so on. Looking back now I do feel it was the right decision at the time to hold of going, but now things are different and I’d now like to apply to start in 2018 and hopefully get in.

8. Travel more. With the idea that I will be starting uni in Sept 2018, I would like to make the most of the free time I still have in between. I would like to go on more holidays as a family as well as more days out and just enjoy exploring new places whilst we can.

9. Learn to Drive. As much as I love to travel, sadly it can sometimes be hard as I can’t drive. Its something that I never did when younger and now that I’m getting older the anxiety around it for me has just built more. I’m so nervous at even the thought of it, but the freedom that it would give us well its worth trying to overcome and take the plunge.

10. Spend more time with the kids. It’s been nice over Christmas having us all together in the house and being able to spend time with them before they head back to school. We actually turn’t technology off most days and opted to do things such as baking, taking the kids out on there scooters and making things out of beads and other objects. Something so simple but yet has brought happiness to us all, I really want to continue it as and when we can.

11. Take time away from technology. As mentioned above we tried to put technology down as much as we could over Christmas and it was nice. Most days I’m normally on my laptop writing blog posts or my tablet/phone checking emails, updating my social media accounts and commenting on others. As much as I’m grateful and enjoy it at times it can get it bit much, it has been said once or twice how my face is always looking down at a screen. So I think its important to try and cut back a little this year.

12. Try and eat more Healthier. I’m not afraid to admit that I am a huge chocoholic, I have at least 1 chocolate bar a day. When it comes to fruit and veg and other things that are good for you in my diet well the intake isn’t the best. This year I’d like to try and have a bit more self restraint when it comes to portions and try some new healthier foods in my diet.

13. Up my fluid intake. I am the worst when it comes to drinking anything. I don’t drink Coffee or tea and I don’t drink juice if i’m honest. I maybe have like 1 cup of water a day which I know isn’t the best but I just don’t get thirsty. Last week however I decided to try and rectify this and so I went out and invested in one of those water bottles that helps you track your intake. So far I would say for me it is helping improve it, here’s hoping it continues.

14. To do more creative things with my little girl. My little girl is really creative, she loves colouring, drawing and making things. Shes actually really good at it too, me being totally unbiased of course. She always asking me to colour with her or if we can make things I want to start saying yes more to it and join in with the things she loves doing more.

15. Make more of an effort to see my friends. If there reading this then they know all too well that I’m maybe a bit of a rubbish friend at times. I mean I do try to keep in contact with them and see them when I can but not as much as I’d like. I do enjoy having adult company and when I do see them its so much fun. I’d like to try to see them more this year though, I already have some dates for thing pencilled in to the diary for 2018 with my best friend so fingers crossed.

16. Stop Worrying so much about what other people think. In blogging it kind of comes with the territory sadly, amongst all the positives you bound to get the odd negative comment. However whether I let the fear of that happening dictate whether I do or don’t post things well that something that needs to change. I’m going to try and stop worrying so much about what kind of response I will get to a post and there for just leaving it sat in my drafts for well some a year and instead just post them and hope for the best.

17. Do more good deeds. Before Christmas we went thru all our unwanted toys and other household bits that we no longer needed and took them to my sons old special needs nursery to see if they could make use of them. They were so grateful and said that if they couldn’t use bits then they would pass them on to a family in need. It was such a lovely feeling and so nice to see how grateful they were, that I definitely would like to be able to help more people out in 2018.

18. Go with the flow. This is definitely a last but not least kind of goal. Although all the above goals are lovely and of course I hope to achieve them. Things change a lot and a year is a long time,  so I’m just going to take 2018 as it comes.  I’m going to try to reach my goals and adapt as much as possible but most of all just try to be happy and is things don’t go to plan then ah well life goes on.

Do you have any goals or resolutions for 2018? I’d love to hear about them.

I am now tagging Jade, Sarah and Rachel to share their 2018 goals.


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