Fame UK Tour At The Bristol Hippodrome – Review

Growing up I loved nothing more than cuddling up with my mum and watching musicals. She was the reason I was lucky enough to be introduced to such classics such as West Side Story, Dirty Dancing and Fame on the telly with the hope that one day I would be able to see them in all their glory on stage. So when I was invited to watch that the Fame UK Tour at The Bristol Hippodrome from I couldn’t wait to go.

The Fame UK tour is a stage version of the much loved musical movie 1980 hit movie Fame. For those of you that may not have seen or heard of Fame follows a bunch of students as they navigate their way through a New York City High School of performing arts. There are both highs and lows in each characters journey as they try to reach the careers of their dreams.

Fame had such a fantastic cast with each of the characters being unique and with their own invidual storylines going on thru out the show.  Two of the characters whose story I enjoyed watching develop thru out the show was Iris’s played by Jorgie Porter (hollyoaks) and Tyrone’s played by Jamel Crawford.  Jorgie Porter plays a serious but at the same time very talented prima ballerina who falls in love with a gifted dancer called Tyrone who is played by Jamel Crawford… together these two have amazing chemistry which is shown thru out the some of there dance scenes together truly are memorizing to watch. Jorgie dancing was divine and the part really showed what talented dancer she is.

The show was filled with some many great dance numbers and song numbers however one of the the truly most captivating moments of the show for me had to be when Miss Sherman a caring teacher that encourages her students thru out the show to be the very best version of themselves played by Mica Paris, sung a show-stopping solo called ‘These Are My Children’. Her vocals were incredible and the emotion from the song really shined thru bringing a tear to my eye and i’m sure most the audiences.
One other thing that also stood out for me throughout the show was that it touched on and explored a lot of issues that effected people back then and still today even. From prejudice to sexuality to race and even substance abuse. Stephanie Rojas, who plays the troubled Carmen gave such a talented performance of a young girl who struggled with addiction and eventually truly paid the price of fame. Her rendition of In L.A” is so haunting and brought a tear of sadness to my eye.

Taking into account the show finishing with the cast involving the audience at the encore by belting out the magnificent classic that is the original Fame theme song. Not forgetting the other wonderful dance numbers, songs and cast, I must say I absolutely loved the on stage version of this classic show. It was something I had wanted to see since I was a child and so my expectations were high and were met. The Fame UK Tour really isn’t one to be missed and I’d love to see it again.

If you’d like to find To out more about the show and tickets you can do so by visiting the Bristol Hippodrome website here.


Disclosure: We received complimentary tickets for the purpose of this review. However as always all opinions and views expressed are honest and that of my own.


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