Fuzzikins Craft Dozy Dogs – Review

We’ve sadly had a lot of rainy days here recently, so we haven’t been able to get out a great deal. However one thing the kids like about rainy days, is that its the perfect excuse to get the crafts out. Most recently we were lucky enough to be sent the Fuzzikins Craft Dozy Dogs set to review. Both my kids love animals and getting creative, so we couldn’t wait to put it to good use.

The Fuzzikins Craft Dozy Dogs kit  includes 3 fuzzy  adorable dogs in different sizes, 3 felt tips to decorate the dogs, 3 self  assembly beds for them to sleep in, felt accessories for fuzzikins figures, a lollipop stick to help assemble the beds and a easy to follow instructions guide. If your little ones are a bit nervous about colouring them in, theres also some lovely cut out and colour dogs for them to practice on.

Creating the Fuzzikins Craft Dozy Dogs was fun and little S used the pictures on the box as a sort of guide for what design to do for each dog. When I saw it was felt tips being used to decorate them, I was a bit worried about how well they would work and how bright they would turn out. However the felt tips actually worked really well on the material of the dogs and due to the size Little s found them easy to hold and use to create the details she wanted for each one.

Once Little S was done decorating her fuzzy dog, it was time for us to make the dog beds.  I was really happy that everything needed to prepare making the dogs beds was already done as it mean’t it was fairly easy for her to do. The instructions on how to make the dog beds are simple but helpful to follow, you simply thread the tabs thru the slots using the lollipop stick in the order instructed on the instructions to secure the bed in place.  Although she was able to do most of it on her own, there was a few bits she found  a bit fiddly at times so she did need my help. Once she had finished making them thou she was so happy she’d done it.

We all had so much fun getting creative with the Fuzzikins Craft Dogs, and it was a lovely way for us to spend some time together. Little S kept telling us how precious the dogs were and how we had to look after them. Will definitely be investing in some more Fuzzikin sets in the future, upon looking I’ve found they do a cat one too which looks like lots of fun.

Fuzzikins Craft Dozy Dogs is  aimed at ages 4 + and available from Amazon, Interplay and Toys R Us for £9.99.


Disclosure: We were kindly sent the above product for the purpose of this review. However as always all opinions and views expressed are honest and that of my own.


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