Shimmer and Shines Floating Genie Palace – A Review

Those of you that have read my blog before or seen some of my social media posts, might remember me mentioning that both my little ones are huge Shimmer and Shine fans. They both love the show and theme song is sung regularly in our house by both of them, well actually even us parents some times. So you can guess how happy they were when we were asked to review Shimmer and Shines Floating Genie Palace.

The Shimmer and Shines Floating Genie Playset is inspired by Shimmer and Shines genie palace. Upon first looks I was impressed with how much it looked like their genie palace in the show. Inside the box you get two genies from the show, The genie palace, a bed for each of the 2 genies, a table, a seat and a bath.

The one stand out thing about the Shimmer and Shine floating Genie Palace is of course that the Genies float. It was really easy to do too, my little girl quickly learn’t how to use it. You place the Genie inside the indented cut out shape, you then push down the leaver and then sit back and watch as the Genie floats up. Magical hey!!

My little girl was over the moon with her new Shimmer and Shine Playset. She has had hours of fun playing with it, she especially loved the ‘floating effect’ of the Genies as well as storing all her treasures in the pink diamond shape pot on top of the palace

We / She would definitely recommend the Shimmer and Shines Floating Genie Palace for other shimmer and shine fans out there. With a extra 130 different genies also available to collect and add to the palace, it would make a lovely Christmas or birthday gift for someone.



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