Zeek – A Great Way To Save Money

Around this time of year we have lots of birthdays coming up, both mine, my partners and our little boys all fall around March – April time. With Birthdays comes the presents of people some of which are gift cards, which sadly as much as we appreciate it there not always for stores that we’d normally shop in.

That’s when ‘Zeek’ becomes the perfect solution for those unused gift cards. Zeek is a online market place where as well as buying gift cards from a variety of different retailers at a discounted rate, you can also sell your own unwanted/unused gift cards for cash. The Zeek marketplace can be accessed on your desktop as well as your phone… which is great for when your out and about.

Selling a gift card is on Zeek is very quick and easy to do. You simply search for the store your gift card is for, enter the details of the gift card ie the amount and expiry date of the gift card. Then just sit back and wait. Most gift cards sell within a day and once yours has sold you can either have the money sent directly to your bank account or have the money converted into Zeek Credits to use to buy gift cards you do want.

Each gift card you sell has a minimum of 7% discount applied. So for example if you sold a £50 gift card you would receive £43. However that shouldn’t be enough to put you off doing it, as its a much better way of using them rather than having them just lying around going to waste.

As mentioned before you do also have the option of purchasing gift cards from Zeek. When Purchasing a gift card from Zeek the discount varies depending who the retailer is. The discount applied can be anything from 1% all the way up to 40%. Finding the best deal is quick and easy to do, you can simply can search for the specific brand or retailer you  want, or you can refine your options to find a selection of different ones that fit your needs.

We off away on holiday this year and we’re in need of a light stroller to take with us. I used Zeek to search for stores that sold baby/kids products and then found one that sold the stroller we liked and purchased a voucher for it. In this case that store was Mothercare… buying the Mothercare gift card from Zeek meant that I was able to purchase a £50 gift card for £47, thanks to its 6% discount. It May only seem like a small saving to some but every penny counts as a parent.

Disclosure: We were kindly given a Zeek voucher for the purpose of this review. However as always all opinions are honest and that of my own.


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