Shimmer & Shine Toys From Fisher Price – Review

We’ve always been huge fans of Fisher Prices toys and products in this house, ever since the kids were first born. However now miss s is growing up, I thought our days of fisher price toys were over… as sad as it was. However we were proven wrong when we were kindly asked to review some of the brand new range of Shimmer & Shine toys from Fisher Price. Lil s was thrilled as its one of her favourite TV shows to watch on Nick JR.

We were kindly sent a Talking Shine Doll and a Fisher-Price Float & Sing Palace Friends play set. Both me and my little girl was really impressed with both the toys upon opening them.  The Float and Sing Palace friends play set was the first thing Lil Miss S was drawn too. The Float & Sing Palace Friends play set comes with two medium sized Shimmer and Shine dolls, a sofa and two little pillow pets called Tala and Nahal.

The medium sized dolls can take it in turns to sit on the sofa which has a clip attached to help secure them in place. Once safety secured, you can use the pink leaver on the side to magically float the genie. The sofa also has a diamond shaped purple button on the front which when pushed, the sofa plays songs and says phrases. This was definitely one of my little girls favourite features.  One of my favourite things about the the Shimmer & Shine dolls was just how much they actually look like the TV characters.

Again the Shine Talking Doll resemblance to the TV character was amazing.  The Shimmer talking doll is a big bigger than the dolls from the play set above, measuring 30cm. The doll is really well made, her head is solid however her pink ponytail is brush-able and her body is soft and cuddly. Lil s has loved plaiting and styling the dolls hair.

If you push or squeeze her tummy, she says a selection of different phrases, some of which are really cute like “Its me Shimmer, twin sister of shine and your genie divine” and  “When we fix our mistakes, the day turns out great” . She also sings a song from the TV series.

If your little ones are also Shimmer & Shine fans, I’d highly recommend checking out the new Fisher Price Shimmer Shine range. I was really impressed with the toys and they were definitely a winner with my little girl. The Talking Dolls cost around £24.99 each and The Float & Sing Palace Friends play set costs around £29.99.

Disclosure: We were kindly sent some of the new Fisher Price Shimmer & Shine range for the purpose of this review. However as always all opinions are honest and that of my own.


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  1. Niki
    September 18, 2017 / 7:07 pm

    I would never have thought they were fisher price toys. Two of my girls love shimmer and shine and these look like amazing g Christmas presents (cannot believe I just mentioned Christmas)

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